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The most Perfect Domain Name is probably one of the most premium domain names in India. The word 'Kharidi' means shopping or purchase in most Indian languages. Words like 'Shaadi', 'Naukri', 'Makaan' etc. have been a big hit in the internet space in India. The biggest reason being the obviousness and the great recall value of these words. 

E-commerce and Agri Marketplace is most naturally well suited for any e-commerce site in India. On top of it, the purchase of Agri produce is also called Kharidi in most parts of India making the domain best suited for an Agro Marketplace as well. 


I have been holding this domain name since more than a decade and have finally decided to sell it.

'Kharidi' is the most natural spelling of the same Indian word. One may verify the same via knowing that Book titles, Titles of YouTube videos, News articles etc. all use 'Kharidi' as the spelling for the Indian word of the same. Because I had been holding the domain name and not willing to sell the same for a long time, many variations of the spelling and domain names that revolve around the word 'Kharidi' came up. The good news is that this domain name is now up for sale for takers who understand its value!

Our Offerings

The ideal bunch

I own all three domains - '' and am willing to sell the same as a package.

Outright sale

I am willing to outright sell the domain name to a party with the best offer.

Domain Name Partnership

I am also willing to explore stake sharing partnerships with startups that find the domain name to add value to their business.

Domain Name Leasing

Those willing to have the domain at rental basis may also be considered.

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